Parliament will continue tomorrow to read the budget and read the law of parties
Wednesday, 07 January 2 / January 2015 22:28


House of Representatives held its regular Thursday to continue reading the draft budget for fiscal 2015 Act.
According to a statement of the Council received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the agenda, "includes a vote on a draft of the Ministry of Health Act, and the vote on the formation of the investigative committee for the fall of Mosul, and the continuation of the second reading and discussion of the draft federal budget law for 2015."

"The first reading of the draft law on ratification letters Act and the exchange of notes and minutes of discussions on the Japanese loan to the position of the Republic of Iraq, dated on 02.16.2014, and the first reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention on the Law on Road Traffic of 1968 and the European Agreement supplementing her for the year 2006, reading The first draft law on political parties, and the second reading of the draft law regulating the work of counselors, and the second reading of the draft law of residence of foreigners "are included on the agenda of the meeting.

The House of Representatives has resumed its sessions today after the end of the legislative recess and began to read the budget and completed the report of the Finance Committee Holha.anthy