The rule of law: the amount of the budget for the 2015 landing imposed lower oil prices

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10/01/2015 16:42[/ltr]

[ltr] Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: MP for the coalition of state law full-Zaidi, the Sabbath, that the amount that the monitoring of the federal budget for 2015 imposed by the current circumstances due to the drop in oil prices, as demanded that salaries and allocations of the popular crowd forces are from within the Department of Defense budget.
He said Zaidi's "Tomorrow Press", "The continued decline in oil prices and falling volume of Iraq sales beyond the amount set for the federal budget of the country for 2015," stressing that "the budget of necessity, not optional imposed by the current conditions of the market price of crude oil."

He added that "it is hoped that the Parliament end the discussion of the budget next Monday and posed to vote for approval," pointing out that "Parliament will deal with the amount of the budget of 125 billion dinars, up to $ 100 billion."

Zaidi said that "there is directed at the financial allocations for state institutions and ministries, according to the principle of importance depends importantly then the least important in order to reduce costs and rationalize the disbursement of funds because of what Iraq faces of reviewing the prices of its exports."

The House of Representatives ended the discussion of Article 41 of the draft budget law, the first of its second legislative term, which was held in (7 of January), completed in Saturday, and other points of the budget.

In addition, MP for the coalition of state law that "the salaries and allocations of the popular crowd forces from within the Iraqi Ministry of Defense budget," student asserting that "included allocations popular crowd salaries comes like other security forces in the ministry."