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    Abadi:'ll consider disabling investment in Iraq a crime no less than terrorism

    Abadi:'ll consider disabling investment in Iraq a crime no less than terrorism



    [ltr][rtl]2015/01/10 19:52[/rtl] [/ltr]

    [ltr] Tomorrow Press / Baghdad warned Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, it will be considered a crime in Iraq investment of not less than the threat of terrorism is disabled, as called for provinces and provincial councils to open the door wide for investment.
    Ebadi said in the central ceremonial occasion of the birthday of the Prophet on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Dawa Party, "Care must be taken in the general budget of the poor class and the spending that creates jobs," and called for "the need for cooperation between the government and the parliament with regard to the budget."

    Abadi added that "there will be new instructions on spending except for necessary spending," asserting that "the country will face this crisis and emerge stronger."

    He called Abadi provinces and ministries to "open the door wide investment," stressing saying "we will not accept any obstruction of the investment process and will consider any Taatal Investment crime like the crime of terrorism."

    The Prime Minister also appealed to "all the officials in the Iraqi state to sacrifice and give up some of the privileges of public interest, but Mmusbandh fiscal deficit."

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    good news

    lets hope they fix the nasdaq/isx feed thing

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