Minister: National Guard in front of the government tomorrow .. and year secured 50 thousand compared to 70 alpha component of the Shiites

BAGHDAD / Wael grace

Revealed in the ministerial committee member to prepare a draft law "National Guard" details -hbh Alnha˙ah- law, which will be on the Cabinet table on Tuesday, which will feature two types of forces: "basic" and "back-up", and will be under the responsibility of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and as he emphasized that "Peshmerga" will not be within the Guard, said that the final number of new troops had not yet been decided, will be integrated with the popular crowd Guard.

The idea of ​​the National Guard to the principle that the people of the city better able to edit and protection, after the failure of the military in dealing with social and religious sensitivities into hot provinces. This comes as grabbed the "year" material in the budget law will allow them to adapting the tens of thousands of children in the popular crowd, which will establish the nucleus of the National Guard. It is assumed for the Sunni coalition MPs that "applies to volunteers in their areas that apply to volunteers in the south, and get the same privileges and arms and take part at the level of leaders, too."
On the other hand, Minister of Shiite and former believes that "hot spots" Volunteers will be groomed until the adoption of the National Guard Law, while confirming that the preparation of "popular crowd" problem in the south will be reduced accordingly, to less than 80 thousand, and the integration of some security services or return them to their jobs After the end of the danger, what would be the approximate number according to population ratios in hot areas, 50 000 member in the Sunni provinces, and 70 thousand Shiite areas. The allocated budget -alta passed Thursday-trillion dinars to support the crowd, and provided the same point of 120 000 degrees and careers, that ratio is calculated (five thousand) of the population of the hot spots in Baghdad belt, North Babylon, Anbar, Salah al-Din, Diyala, Nineveh , Kirkuk and Oqditha (al-Bashir, Hawija, and areas controlled by terrorism), except for the provinces of Kurdistan region, among the crowd assignments, and taking into account the numbers of existing and currently that joined after the fall of Mosul on 10 June, to be part of their share of the county. Meanwhile, a state minister and a member of the committee charged with preparing a draft of the National Guard Saman Abdullah Daoudi that "the draft and reached its final form, will be presented to the Cabinet at its next meeting on Tuesday."

He stressed Daoudi "long" that "the date final and not subject to extension, because the time limit given to the committee was one week and will end Tuesday," he said, adding that most of the contentious issues have been resolved, and remained some details that review committee members which political bloc to give a final opinion .

On the semi-final details to be included in the draft "National Guard", the minister of the Kurdistan revealed that the "majority opinion of the Committee went to the forces correlation General Commander of the Armed Forces, and be TzlhÚm lower level of the army, and more than the police, and will be subject to the laws of military service in terms of armament and salaries, not Some also wanted to be subject to the laws of Homeland Security. "
The draft has written a review of four of the National Guard in the world such as the "United States" and "Italy" international experiences, the minister points out that "the National Guard will include two categories: the first fundamental and permanent staffing, and they slice the officers and owners of cumulative experience who need them continuously, and another reserve , hired, and trained every year, and the use of their time in the country's exposure to risk, "he said Daoudi" The new troops will be called upon in times of natural disasters and assist in civil defense effort. "

Conversely said Daoudi that so far has not been resolved a number of employees of the National Guard, and appeared proposals to be 10% of the population of each province where the formation of the guard, expected to be resolved this issue if the dispute continued around him by the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers a majority vote, if failed to obtain a consensus. This Almsudh- according Wazzar- not final and will be exposed to changes in the Cabinet meeting, revealing that the "popular crowd" will be part of the National Guard, while the "Peshmerga" Kurdish will be outside. The Council of Ministers approved in its meeting last Tuesday, in principle, to form a guard, and form a committee headed by Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, and membership of a number of ministers to complete the legal formulations for the project to be put to the vote as a bill in its final form in the next meeting of the Council of Ministers.

In parallel MP Anbar Knight Knight Taha said that "the year in the hot areas will be able to adapt the nearly 50 000 element of their children and their inclusion in the popular crowd."

He said Knight told the "long" "The volunteers will work in accordance with the instructions and orders Authority crowd Cobei- headed by Acting Faleh al-Fayad and deputy leader of the Dawa Abu Mahdi Party Aleng- national security adviser, and will receive their salaries and allowances and a weapon in the same way that receive volunteers in the south." .

Refers Knight, a member of the Alliance of Iraqi forces to the presence of other demands of the mass in "The year also involved in leadership positions, and the governing body of the crowd and not limited to a specific category." Meanwhile, a leader of the Dawa Party and former minister Jassim Mohammed Jaafar said "the budget allocated trillion dinars to support the popular crowd, and provided 120 000 jobs in this context."

Refers Jaafar told the "term" that "prepare the popular crowd in the south are more than 80 000 component, will be reduced, possibly incorporating some of them with the army and police, and the other goes back to their jobs after the demise of the risk of insurgents," adding that "the final number should be be 120 000 component, including the numbers that were given to the provinces (Sunni) hot. " He says Jafar, a minister of youth and former sports that "Sunni areas have nearly 4 thousand volunteers within the Awakening and clans Jabour and clans other combat in Anbar, will cast them out of the total 50 thousand element", and is expected Jafar be training and qualification of this number to wait for the passing of the bill.

And Article 41 in the 2014 budget law to be the work of the popular crowd in coordination with the security and military forces and the forces of "Peshmerga" in the disputed areas, that the transmission of the popular crowd allocations to the National Guard system if the adoption law, so as to ensure the participation of all the provinces and the region, and that the not be any change in the preparation of the popular crowd, but after the adoption of the Law of the National Guard.