51 trillion dinars from budget allocated to staff’s salaries, says MP for Forces Union Coalition

On Saturday, MP for Coalition of Forces Union, Mahasin Hamdoun confirmed that 51 trillion dinars from the budget were allocated to the salaries of the staff in the country, pointing out that the budget deficit will be repaid in various methods.
Hamdoun said in an interview on Al-Sumaria TV followed by IraqiNews.com, “The budget amounts 119 trillion dinars, including 51 trillion for salaries, and 41 trillion dinars for investment and ongoing projects, in addition to 26 trillion for all ministries and expenses in Iraq.”
She added, “The budget deficit amounted to 25 trillion dinars and will be paid by borrowing from the International Monetary Fund or compulsory savings or amounts retained from the 2014 budget.”
Hamdoun pointed out that, “All ministries need to develop functional degrees and we have allocated 55,000 functional degrees updated since last year but not been carried out in the budget yet,” adding that, “Its amounts are calculated and have no affect on the budget.”