US Ground troops reach Kuwait in preparation for the implementation of its operations in Iraq

February 14, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network

geared towards 4000 US troops to Kuwait, where he will make up the largest US ground combat force in the Middle East with the intensification of the war on the organization "Daash" in Iraq and Soeria.otata this step in conjunction with the start of the US Congress to consider options in the war to organize "Daash" in Iraq, after President Barack Obama asked him a mandate for this Aharb.oaqam soldiers who belong to the Third Infantry Corps base at Fort Carson, Colorado,

concert and calling at their headquarters, before the start of their journey to Alkwyt.ocieckl these reserve force soldiers have US Central Command in the Middle East, and they will be the first US ground force entering the battle, if you decide to use American ground forces in the fight against "Daash" in Alarac.ulfalq armed with tanks and vehicles, "Bradley", and a lot of soldiers who were previously engaged in combat missions in Iraq, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported, said the corps commander Colonel Greg Sierra: soldiers during the ceremony that "the proliferation in that region is not new for us," adding,

"We are very well prepared for this task," the soldiers .otdrb on this task for more than a year, to renew skills that were acquired during a decade of fighting the insurgency in Iraq and Avganstan.okan Obama has asked Wednesday authorization from Congress for the war effort against the "Daash" for three years, but new to say that his country's large ground forces in this Aharb.ouma will not use it, the authorization requested by Obama, includes flexibility for the use of ground troops if "originated unforeseen circumstances so warrant."