Abadi's office acknowledges the difficulties in the implementation of the oil agreement with the province and confirms the continuation of talks to resolve
Monday, February 17, 2015 12:19


Approved the Prime Minister's Office Haider Abadi existence of procedural and technical difficulties in the implementation of the oil agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government.

His spokesman Saad al-Hadithi told all of Iraq [where] that "the communication will continue between the two sides and that's for sure, and it was the last meeting frank and direct in the IPO and confirmed its commitment to the oil agreement and the last confirmed Amadehma in the implementation of this agreement but there are procedural difficulties and technical obstacles stand in the way application With respect to the export of the agreed amount of oil and obtaining financial allocations to the region because of the financial distress that has been the general budget of the country. "

However, to say, "but this does not mean that there is a retreat from the agreement Aujll it absolutely committed to its agreement and applicable which is the subject of respect between Baghdad and Erbil, and this was confirmed by the two sides in the last meeting."

He newborn to "confirm the existence between the two sides on cooperation in the security aspect with regard to military operations carried out against al Daash or in areas which are called Palmtnazaa them."

He continued, "there is also a commitment that the government implement the government program of political and paper agreed and there is an atmosphere of mutual trust and confirm the need to continue the dialogue and communication in the coming period to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of any problem you may encounter the two sides in the next phase."

A delegation from the province of Kurdistan, headed by Prime Minister Barzani, has paid a visit to Baghdad last Sunday, to activate the oil agreement signed between Baghdad and Erbil late last year, but the negotiations did not produce any result .bhsp informed sources.

And strengthened the opinion of the lack of agreement to what he said Barzani after the talks that took place in two rounds with Baghdad "that Iraq is going through a severe financial crisis, was the reason for not being able to send the region's share of the financial budget," he said. "We agreed with the bankrupt state." "Reaffirmed" his government's commitment to the oil agreement between Erbil and Baghdad. "

However, head of the provincial government said, "implementation of the agreement will require the commitment of the parties, and if Baghdad did not send the share of Kurdistan, the region also will not export oil for the benefit of the Iraqi government," referring to "a proposal for Baghdad to send $ 300 million just out of the billion dollars a share region almost the federal budget, and she is now able to deliver 1.2 trillion dinars accrued to the region. "

He said while a formal statement to the Office of Abadi issued after the talks, the two sides to confirm "the importance of addressing the technical problems that accompany oil exports from the region in order to reach the agreed rates."

[B]Delegation region was subtracted according to informed sources, during the talks in Baghdad, "a proposal whereby a review of the province's oil exports by the national oil company Sumo every 3 months and not on a daily basis,