Economic expert calls on the government to change the fiscal and monetary policy

Date: 02/24/2015

Called for an economic expert peace Sumaisem, on Tuesday, the Iraqi government to introduce new measures in fiscal and monetary policy to achieve economic development and real form.

She said Samim told / information /, that "the government do implement a plan to revive the Iraqi economy through monetary policy reform in Iraq first, and work on activating the laws and issuing new instructions have to be applied correctly and properly to ensure the success of the Iraqi economy and achieve sustainable development."

She added that "fiscal and monetary policy have Kberaly impact of the economic activity in the country, which I did not expect the government to introduce new measures by the near-term."
It is noteworthy that the Iraq economy has suffered from structural and economic imbalances, including economic performance led to a decline in general, and the growing budget deficit, high inflation and Batalh