There are too many things happening at one time...there is smoke.

1) Elections oust Milaki
2) IS (IMO, originally Sunni militia tired of the Milaki desecration) almost overthrow the country.
3) Mercenaries run in from everywhere on a cash grab, it gets out of control.
4) Sunni tribunals couple with the Kurds and save the country (with world wide help), fighting against IS
5) Kurds get the oil agreement, Sunni's are still divided.
6) Warka being Sunni backed gets thrown a bone...down the line. (I like to think they know how to play the game)
7) The ISX gets killed alongside currency reform.
8) Now, the CBI decides it's time to LOP the 3 zeros bringing the IQD = USD
9) Does Warka re-emerge back into the ISX, and if so, at what price?

10) Where is my buddy 24MM? If you read this, what is your take on what's happening and Warka shares?