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Thread: Ffinancial market and the Iraqi dinar and the wars Economy

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    Arrow Ffinancial market and the Iraqi dinar and the wars Economy

    Doctor. Peace Sumaisem *: financial market and the Iraqi dinar and the wars Economy

    When he discovered Abdul Malik bin Marwan Byzantine coins that contain phrases states triangulation, which is contrary to the doctrine of Islam, collection and consulted his friends, one of them said to him: "You know the opinion ...

    When he discovered Abdul Malik bin Marwan Byzantine coins that contain phrases states triangulation, which is contrary to the doctrine of Islam, collection and consulted his friends, one of them said to him:

    "You know the opinion and advice, but you ignored it."

    He said: What ???

    He said: Baqir born of the Messenger of Allah (r)

    He said: ratified .... But I thought that sacked for it ...

    Ordered to carry Baqir (AS) from the city, and when he came Baqir peace be upon him and advised him to instrument KD AED two Arab

    Currency is a form of national sovereignty and economic and monetary expression of this sovereignty and dimensions of all Matnih that sovereignty of practical and conceptual meanings.

    Therefore, the initial stages of any configuration to announcing independence and are being issued in the private money that State, and then is a political decision to give the identity of that State on:

    Fiscal and monetary transactions
    Generalize this "National Instrument" and bind the parties worked in the economy to use, and this depends on the strength and credibility of this instrument, both Mrhonan political situation of that State and durability Aqsadha.

    Hence we know how serious criticism and sensitivity, especially since we know and are intuitive that money:

    A measure of the value of

    A means of exchange

    The way to save

    Thus, the issuance of the currency is a sovereign decision, first and last, and then the currency target is a target for the sovereignty of the nation and Qguamtha and political disruption and the credibility of values, something which affects the process of evaluating all the activities of the economy and related activities by the joints of daily life, from the simplest of these details and finishes Baakdha and most complex, especially that it is the relationship that state with the outside world.

    From here, the damage left behind by forgery or counterfeiting mechanisms, including:
    The impact on the country's reputation and tourist commercially and financially, whether at home or abroad.
    Destabilize the mutual trust between sellers and traders of investors and reduce the trade process.
    Loss of confidence among investors that the economy, both in existing within that country or coming to establish their projects at home and thus depriving the country of an important service projects were cut from the needs of the people for these projects, according to the parties, whether the investor or country that embraces the money,

    . As well as the currency to lose its prestige and value of purchasing

    The above shows that counterfeiting is targeted for the national economy and even national security threat hits directly and therefore is in the tougher economic sabotage crimes ferocity and most of what the death of its impact on the direct economic variables.

    According to some specialists need to enter counterfeiting in counter political crimes, and decide to return to the crime officer to distinguish among these crimes, and this officer is governed by Mzhban namely: -
    Doctrine Profile: which takes into account the motive to commit the crime, if it was a political crime was political, and so if the emitter offender politically counterfeiting, considered this crime, political, as happened in World War II, when the deployment of the Germans in the country hostile to them markets of pounds and dollars US counterfeit order to destroy the economies and policies of these countries.
    And substantive doctrine: which of course takes interest abused, political crime undermine the political system of the state at home and abroad, which is considered inherently purely political crime, and out of the scope of counterfeiting crimes.
    The crime of counterfeiting has some characteristics of the most important she crimes against public trust because it is located on its own editors and distinct from other crimes ways and means followed by the perpetrators to carry out their crimes.
    We find forgers and counterfeiters resort to the latest in science to tamper with the contents of those documents, and change the truth and deal with it properly.
    What is currency counterfeiting or money: -
    Counterfeiting issue, "it is not a legitimate source," a mirror image of something here: money, with the aim of fraud. Fisk and printing money, is the responsibility of national governments. Agreements between different countries to punish counterfeiters of currency all of them have been held. And take the international police organization (Interpol), much of the interest in the investigation of the global counterfeiters. Often Mataatkhz governments of the countries where counterfeiting measures necessary to eliminate it happens. And failure to take these actions, you may destroy the potential commercial success and all of falsity or adorned money circulation system in, or has brought fakes circulating money or counterfeit or issued or dabble deal or promoted by any means or any way, or making or acquired or possessed unduly all or some of its articles or counterfeiting or its means or instruments in bad faith machines.
    What counterfeiting: -
    Counterfeiting and securities fraud, is a crime of corruption and crimes of corruption in the earth ... a crime has negative effects on individuals and communities, and the multiple of these negative for this crime between economic effects effects, and social and political; destroying the economy, and instilled hatred and hatred between individuals and encourages crime ... and here was taking at the hands of these criminals is necessary.
    To talk about counterfeiting and its effects, we must recognize the fact that money and divisions, and the money and types ... then look at the concept of counterfeiting and the nature of the interest collected by the criminalization of counterfeiting ...

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    The talk must revolves around the counterfeiting of money and paper, and securities (stocks, bonds, checks) and pictures of it, and ways to find out the fake is fake ones, comes to talk about the implications of this counterfeiting Vekshv for Khbayah, and means of prevention and punishment on him and promotion him, and bring interest of the people and the prevention of corrupting them the focus of Sharia law and the legitimacy of the law in the fight against counterfeiting and its people, the currency tradition is the currency of an example of the correct currency industry, is the synthesis of fake currency tradition of the coin is correct, ie, similar in shape and weight and size, as an industry piece of metal bearing inscriptions The ferry itself and fees incurred by the correct coins official traded, or printed on similar papers to afford proper paper currency, both were using traditional techniques or modern, regardless of whether the counterfeit currency was similar to or does not completely similar to the right of where the metal or the type of currency paper or in terms of weight or volume or value. Physical Valrkin in crime tradition of criticism is the industry criticism is incorrect to be an example of true criticism, it makes no difference whether the tradition of proficient or little proficiency or primitive, because what counts is the similarity between the right Cash and cash snob, and that this similarity is sufficient to manipulation one him.
    The tradition rape of state power to issue money and an attack on the financial interest, and the crime tradition counterfeit currency, even if they contain the same amount of metal they contain the correct currency, apart from the way tradition.
    It must be a tradition traded legally or customarily in the state or in another country for the currency, and that tradition is the purpose of promoting counterfeit currency, or be the actor has participated issuing counterfeit currency or by promoting or brought into the country or a foreign country and is aware of it, and this crime is a stand-alone offense, either been promoted or not, what is important is the availability of criminal intent General of the knowledge of the perpetrator and his will in the tradition of the currency, and meant the private Reus promote this currency, science is the fact that the cash forged a special element of the crime of currency counterfeiting and corner of the corners, it must of proven, is not enough to say that the accused was a world of tradition without any income proof or evidence.

    It goes without saying that the financial transactions and the speed of the evolution of financial flow channels helps a lot on the validity of counterfeit currency Train Conductor wildfire and thus Aútianha on all assets of the economy.

    Here it is worth a little stop at another threat affects the national economy and is aware of most of the parties of the seriousness of counterfeiting and the proliferation of counterfeit currency, the risk can be derived by hostile parties, but by waving and here I mean broadcast rumors about the targeting of the economy.

    When we talk about the financial market we must not lose sight of the role of money in the assessment and swap shares, savings, interest rates and investment ... .., and therefore the most important Midharb in the economy is the investment side and related activities here, we have to go back to the nineties to revise some of the financial situation in Iraq attributes,

    Financial market came supplementary step pluralistic economic approach, which began shy in the nineties of the last century, and taking prescription formal approach to the economy at the beginning of the new century after that took the formula of the social market economy, any restructuring of the economy according to free-market economy on the one hand, and to remedy the potential of this trend results on different classes of people, especially the poor and middle classes on the other hand. Regardless of the enthusiasm of the economy engineers and their speed in the application of the first part of this approach, and procrastinating (and perhaps unwilling) in the implementation of social him incision, the recovery of the financial market action inevitable as long as the legislation enacted during the past years encouraged national and foreign capital to establish a joint-stock companies, and stimulated the family and small businesses to switch to joint-stock companies, since they must then adopt the financial market as a place to sell the project and the exchange of shares of these companies rather than traded, with shares of global stock markets in the secret room with some brokers.

    Financial market activation causes and mechanism:

    Why activate the financial market ???

    1. encourage savings because the owners to invest in legitimate channels rather than hoarding money provides secure funding for companies to expand their participation in the economic process, and ensures shareholder return is acceptable, and the winner here is the entire economy

    2. There are thousands of shareholders in joint stock companies who were unable to dispose of them in the last period as a result of the lack of transparent and linked to financial market how the evolution of the value system prevailing in the Iraqi economy, it is assumed that the financial market allows them to it in a fair and transparent because the market value of the shares will be determined depending on the supply and demand

    3. Provide funding for joint stock companies, and encouraging them to diversify their investments in the various branches of production, leading in the end to support economic growth as well as providing employment opportunities

    4. The promotion of small and medium-sized companies to the bloc, and the establishment of joint-stock companies to benefit from the preferences of the insertion in the stock market.

    5. Ask the Treasury that the government intends issued bonds, and to ensure the sale and trading of the bonds in the market for the project, in addition to the conversion of some of the general economic sector enterprises into joint stock companies in partnership with the private sector, put its shares in the stock market, rather than sell assets to cover losses

    6. encourage Arab and foreign capital to invest in the country, especially after the global recession caused by the global economic crisis, in addition to the psychological impact that holds the opening of the stock market investors

    The financial market is a necessary condition for the completion of the terms of the market economy, and that the stock market development tool, and will play an important role in achieving economic and social plans for the country

    As the stock market, "according to the laws of the market economy," You need a set of procedures in order to play its role, and these actions:

    1_ move interest rates in the banks according to the size of the stock and other securities traded in the market,

    2_ and freedom of input and output of foreign currency,

    3_ float of the national currency exchange rate,

    4_ Harihalrsamal in foreign investment in this market

    Anyone who has followed the path of the Iraqi financial system during his decades until its collapse, characterized as stage unstable, absent strategies and there is a lack in its policies and that's the most important was the government banks, Vmsrv Mesopotamia, for example, the first Arab Bank opens a branch in Europe and this was in 1954 in London, and it is the largest Arab bank in terms of foreign trade, and these features have characterized Iraq as the only commercial bank in Iraq, even after the establishment of the Rasheed Bank, "What happened is Shatrah to banks and Monday Aúlan government", and it seems that the relationship between the community and the government in Iraq is the relationship of a special type, since the founding of the Iraqi government in 1921 have had a role different from the rest of the governments of other countries roles, and this justifies that Iraq oil country which is the oldest in the region since the twenties, and I think that the root of the issue is not economic or oil, but the dominance of the government and the monopoly of power and the most dangerous here Economic power is vested with including applications: the authorities .... Benefits ....... Influence in all its forms.

    Money and Osilth money, and issues of corruption and mismanagement, and we now find size of sizeable enough of rumors spread of counterfeit currency ... Is bears Iraq's economy all these strikes, which aims among Matahedv him to hinder investment activity originally topic in Iraq Is silent authorities stand in front of this violation ??? ? !!!!

    I hope that each party understands the seriousness of this act and its dimensions and even referred to ...

    Oh God, I certify that I reached

    (*) Expert and researcher Avtsadah

    The opinions expressed in all articles published on the Web site of Iraqi economists necessarily do not reflect the opinion editor Site body, but for the author and who bears the scientific and legal responsibility alone.

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    Did anyone here understood what this CLOWN posted above???
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    may or may not occur." --Al Gore, VP :swear:

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    3_ float of the national currency exchange rate,
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